The dragon girl of  Rubber Collection 2017

Born in Tai Zhou(1961) China, Hui Qin Peng studied visual Arts at Yang Zhou Art College, followed by a degree in Fashion at Art university in Nan Jing, where he was awarded with the Young Mode of China price. Since 1985, he has exhibited extensively in Art galleries and institutions in Europe and China, Including Red Carpet Cannes(F) 2017, Art The Haque(NL) 2016, BOZAR Brussels 2008, Museum of Jang Su(CN), Albus Lux Contemporary(NL). His work has been reviewed by Gala Croisette(F), De Standaard(B), Art et Culture etc. Hui Qin Peng emigrated to Belgium in 1989 where he was naturalised in 1996. He currently lives and works between Brussels and Ostende.


Shooting Photos by   Awamu Moja

Fashion x~ Art;  Art ~ Fashion.

Hui Qin Peng, His creations are a subtilise mixture of Art and Fashion, a sculpture made of textile. The question arises, where does one starts and ends the other?

From magazine Glamour Italie

Rock.      怪石嶙峋

Chinees wending Drees  新款新娘装

The Face.         臉面

Family.         全家福

We go wedding.        自由的婚礼裝

My dear.           爱不离身

Fly at Fashion       蜦蝇和少女

New Safe and sexy cape    新款安全装

New army Drees  新款军装

Banboo Drees 盛装竹叶旗袍

Skin of art dress

2017 and 2019, Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

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